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In Florida, there's a special bail bond service run by a single expert who's been in the field for over 30 years. This means when you need help, you talk directly to this experienced business owner, not a bunch of different agents. You get one reliable contact with all the know-how to guide you through the bail process. This makes things much faster and less confusing, offering focused, expert assistance right when you need it in Florida.

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Type of Bonds

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Cash Bonds

A cash bond is like a deposit. When someone is arrested, they can pay the court the total bail amount in cash. This is a common method in the legal system to ensure that the person returns for their court dates. If they do, the money is given back.

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Surety Bond

A surety bond involves three parties: the person who needs the bond, the company that guarantees the bond, and the entity requiring the bond. It's like a safety net, ensuring that a person will fulfill their obligations, such as following laws or contracts.

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Immigration Bond

An immigration bond is specific to non-U.S. citizens. It's paid to immigration authorities to release someone from detention while they await their court hearings. It's a promise that they'll attend all required hearings.

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Federal Bond

A federal bond is needed when someone is accused of a federal crime. It's a guarantee that the person will show up for all federal court proceedings and follow the court's rules until their trial.

YOu Got Arrested. Now What?

Reach Out to Bail Bonds Agent

Let's say someone you know gets in trouble and ends up in jail, but there's not enough money to pay their bail. That's when a bail bonds agent comes into the picture.

Here's what you need to do:

     1. Know the Arrested Person's Full Name: Make sure you have the correct name of the person who needs help.
     2. Find Out the Jail Location: It's important to know exactly where they are being held.
     3. Get the Booking or Report Number: This is a unique number that identifies the person in jail.
     4. Understand the Charges: Be aware of what the person has been accused of doing.
     5. Collect Any Additional Information: Any other details about the arrest can be really useful.

Bail bonds agents are professionals who can assist when you're unable to afford the bail amount. They help ensure that your friend or family member can leave jail and be home while their court case is pending.


Paperwork with Bail Bond Agent

After you've called a bail bond agent to help someone who's in jail, the next step is all about paperwork. ‍‍‍

  • Signing Forms: The bail bond agent will have some forms for you to sign. This is like making a deal with them to help your friend or family member.
  • Paying a Fee: You'll need to pay the bail bond agent a part of the total bail amount. Think of it as their fee for helping you out.
  •  Using Collateral: Sometimes, you might need to promise something valuable (like a car or a piece of jewelry) to the agent. This is just to make sure they get their money back if something goes wrong. This paperwork step is super important because it's how the bail bond agent agrees to help you. It's like a contract between you and them.
  • When you sign the indemnitor contract, if the person fails to appear in court you will be responsible for the entire amount of the bond.

Agent Post Bond

Now, we're at step three in helping someone who's been arrested.

  • Bail Bond Agent Takes Action: After all the paperwork and payments, the bail bond agent has one big job left. They go to the jail where your friend or family member is.
  • Posting the Bail: The agent pays the bail at the jail. This is like a promise that the person will show up for their court dates.
  •  Getting Your Loved One Out: Once the bail is posted, the jail will let your loved one go. It's like the jail's way of saying, "We trust you'll come back for your court case because of this bail."

Jail Release

Once the bail bond agent has paid the bail, there's one more thing to know:‍‍

  • Release Time Can Vary: It might take anywhere from an hour to a few hours for someone to be released from jail.
  • Depends on the Jail's Busyness: If the jail is really busy, it could take a bit longer. It's like waiting in line - the more people there are, the longer it takes. This step is about patience, as release times differ based on how busy the jail is...

What Our Clients Say

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“Highly recommend Premier Bail bonds. They are very friendly and informative. They care about their customers. Mike is very knowledgeable and kept me updated throughout the whole process.”

Dan Chanthamaly

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“Mike is number one of the best and quick service. He is always available at anytime for his customers. Good communication and great service. Believe me you will not regret it. Thanks Mike for considering his case.”

Sandra Cadet

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“I have known Michael for 17 years. He cares about people and will always go out of his way to help. He has Integrity and stands by his word.”

Nicholas E Izzo Jr

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